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Meet the Kitties!



Lizzie is a curious and chatty girl who has to be involved in absolutely everything. Her favorites pastimes are eating, napping, and systematically tipping over every waste bin in the house on a daily basis. There is no denying this tubby tiger attention when she wants it as she will climb your chest like a tree and purr loudly while she surveys the world from your shoulder. She prefers to cuddle up with a soft blanket and cozy mystery.



Bingley is quiet and studious, and unlike his sister, you never know he's in the room until you trip over him. Bingley is a lover whose favorite spot is your lap, the perfect choice for a curl-up with a good historical romance.

Update 12/27/20: Sadly, I lost Bingley suddenly two days after Christmas, we suspect to an undiagnosed heart condition called HCM. He was fine one minute and gone the next. He got me through the first tough year without my husband, for which I will be forever grateful. He was love on four legs, and I miss him hugely. Bingely was 5 years old.



Charlotte is my newest addition, and we are still getting to know each other! She had a rough start, but she's adjusting well, and loves a warm lap and ear scritches, and will reward you with a loud purr. This sassy girl is going to be trouble, but who could resist that face? Although she prefers contemporary romance, she'll take over Bingley's historical recommendations, too. 


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