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Meet Grace!

Grace Hartwell is a lifelong resident of Connecticut. She's been crafting stories since before she knew how to hold a pen, but took a circuitous route to becoming an author by first obtaining a K-6 teaching degree, spending years as a pharmacy IV tech, and dabbling in portrait and landscape photography. Always a believer in fairytales, she graduated to romance novels at the tender age of 12. After kissing a few frogs, she finally married her handsome prince in 2010. Sadly, their love story was cut short by Chris's death in 2019, but his loss spurred her to pursue her dream of seeing her name in print. 

Now she lives in their castle with their two cats, Lizzie and Bingley (he was too dorky to be a Darcy!) and is attempting to not become a crazy cat lady. When she's not writing, she spends her time on stage (pursuing her other passion!) or handcrafting romantically styled jewelry for her online business, The Tiny Wren. She loves travel, tea, and the beach, and would move to England in a heartbeat if her family would let her. She is obsessed with historical fashion, and uses her sewing skills to recreate beautiful gowns, hats, and accessories from many different time periods (and even gets to wear them on occasion!) She reads every night without fail, for there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book - especially one with a happily ever after!

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