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  "Do you not care for me, Elizabeth?"

  "Of course I care for you!" She exclaimed. "You must know that. I care for you very much." She hadn't noticed that in her earnestness, she had rested her hand on his chest, her fingers just touching the bare skin of his throat. The instant she realized it, she moved to yank it back, but Aidan was too quick for her. He caught her hand with his own and flattened it against his chest.

  "It's all right to touch me," he whispered huskily. She hesitated, but then gave his chest a tentative caress. It sent shockwaves through his body, which leapt to attention with alarming fierceness. Never had he wanted a woman so desperately as he wanted this one right now.

  He slowly drew her into his arms. When she didn't resist, he leaned forward and kissed her forehead, her nose, and finally, each cheek. He brought his hand up to lightly touch her face and rested his forehead against hers. "Kiss me, Elizabeth," he whispered. "For the love of God, please kiss me."

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Mommy to 2

Absolutely loved this book - I devoured it in a weekend!

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Betsy M.

I hope Grace is busy working on the next installment, because I can't wait!

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Amazon Review

I could not stop reading - engaging characters, creative plot twists, just an overall great read!


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